To Provide High Quality Authentic Items from Japan.

Hello, there! I'm Anna.

Today we would like to inform you about a new service.

In our store, we will start to check the authenticity of the products you buy in collaboration with a professional inspection agency.


Currently, in Japan, many counterfeit cards, including Pokemon cards, are on the market.

For example, it is said that 5-10% of the Eevee Heroes booster boxes sold in Japan are fake...

In order to maintain the quality of our shop, we have established a flow that allows customers to purchase vintage items with more peace of mind by partnering with professional institutions.


Check Points Example

・Shrink wrap or not
・Print quality, paper material, glossy
・Typing of letter, shape of box


The following icon will be displayed next to the image of the item subject to the authenticity investigation.



Specific items have a handling time of 7-9 business days because of the ckecking.

Thank you for your cooperations.
Handling timeItems